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Tech brush set v5

Total brushes completed: 19
    -INTERFACE: 19
    -MINIMAL: 0
    -CIRCULAR: 0

Total brushes planned: 50-60
Planned release date: Mid-November at the latest.

19 brushes completed so far, and all of my other sets look like complete garbage compared to what I have in progress for v5. I'm tempted to take them all down because I can't stand how pathetic they seem. v4 is now just like: "meh... big whoop". EVEN my v5 preview picture fails to do justice because it only showcases my first 6 brushes(which I'm going to revise with more detail). But I will of course leave all of my sets up, so don't worry.

I wish I could show you all what I have now, but I really really need to wait until I am completely finished. Why let everyone be half-amazed when they can be fully-amazed later? =D

Here are the brush categories for this set in full detail:

-INTERFACE(25 brushes): These are the hardest and most painful brushes to create in this set. Each brush is a complex chunk of ultra intricate technical detail that integrates and combines with data graphs, charts, statistical displays, tinytext, input parameters, measurements, indicators, and much more. These brushes are designed to be arranged together in any order or side. They are mainly for complex technical backgrounds and blueprint style brushing. You will all have fun with these, I guarantee it.

-MINIMAL(30 brushes): These brushes aren't as complex and cluttered as the INTERFACE category, however, they follow a more visually clean and elegant approach... much like you see in some high-end abstract art pieces(AKA 2D). These brushes are ideal for inserting tech on top of (but no limited to): abstract/3D pieces.

-CIRCULAR(around 10 brushes): I haven't started on these yet, but I reckon these will probably be just as painful as the interface category. Just like everything else in this set, my circular brushes will also be a MAJOR step up from my previous circular brushes.

I'm going to extend my release deadline to around mid-November. But this will be a 'fuzzy' deadline. I might release it sooner if I manage to finish earlier. Reason is because I'm thinking about doing revisions to my first several brushes in the INTERFACE category... I need to make them more consistent with the later brushes, which means I need to add a little more detail to them.

Anyway, I really can't wait until I release this set. I can't wait for all the comments I'll get on it from everyone who sees it. I honestly hope that this brushset will get maximum exposure among the community... rendering my hard working hours paid off.

When I release this set to the deviantart community, these brushes will be free to use and download and I will also allow for free usage of the brushes commercially. However, I will strictly disallow users from claiming the brushes or any part of the brushes to be of their work. If you submit an abstract artwork online with my brushes used in it without crediting me, you claim the brushes to be yours. I will therefore consider that as a violation of my policy and I will report your artwork to be taken down until you give credit. You may use these brushes any way you like, but they are still MY creation. That's all I ask.
emoryu21 Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2008   Photographer
I can't wait to see them myself. >_> And rather than giving you credit in the artists comment, which so few seem to read i figured i would just use that nice little brush you included to put in the URL to your main deviantART page. Hope this is alright if not I fix it and add you into artist's comments.

^_^ you've given me a means of doing creative things for which i'm very very very thankful for.
luffie Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
i can't wait! :D
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October 13, 2008


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